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12 June 2016 | Maybelline

American, British, Paris, Italian, Japanese and Russian editions of Vogue as well as W, Numero, Allure, i-D and more. She was the first black model to walk in a Prada show in over a decade. And, in 2014, she was signed to Maybelline New York as a spokesmodel. So who is this super star?


Meet Jourdan Dunn — celebrity spokesmodel, mother of one, Cooking and Lifestyle Expert and Ambassador for Sickle Cell Disease Association for America.

In less than 8 years, Dunn has evolved from a leggy young girl in London into a sought-after model, nurturing mother and philanthropist. Very well Dunn indeed.

Maybelline sat down with Dunn to learn more about what fuels the fire behind her red-hot career.



Know your ABC's

Get schooled by Jourdan on the ABC’s of NYC.

When in doubt, put a lip on.


Maybelline: Let’s start from the beginning.

Dunn: Sure.

Maybelline: You were born in London but moved to NYC to pursue modeling. What was that like?

Dunn: I was scared of change. Stepping out of my comfort zone was both exciting and overwhelming.

Maybelline: There’s a saying about that. Whatever you want is just outside your comfort zone. Do you believe that?

Dunn: Absolutely. That’s NYC for you. It means change and personal growth. That’s where you find opportunity.

Maybelline: Tell our readers about your personal style.

Dunn: Street chic. Think Buscemi sneakers and my Alexander Wang “Parental Advisory” Sweatshirt. Might be from my upbringing in London.

Maybelline: Very cool. Did you always have a passion for fashion?

Dunn: I mean, I enjoyed dressing up like young girls do. But it wasn’t until I started modeling that I fully appreciated what it takes to create fashion.


Maybelline: It’s an art form. Like applying beauty and makeup is sort of like painting.

Dunn: Totally. Makeup is so interesting. It’s is best used to enhance what you already have with the right touch in the right place. It can be truly transformative in how you feel about yourself.

Maybelline: So what goes through your mind when sitting in the makeup chair on a shoot. Is it a transformative experience?

Dunn: It can be. I like to listen to music while getting ready for a shoot. Empowering music uplifts your spirit and makes you feel good. Especially when it’s created by strong, confident women.

Maybelline: What is beauty to you?

Dunn: It’s not just makeup and lipsticks and balms. It’s confidence and self-awareness. Of course, a little concealer never hurts.

Maybelline: Describe your makeup look for day and night then.

Dunn: When I do my own makeup, I like to stay true to myself and keep it simple and natural. I apply a bit of foundation and a golden shimmer for cheek definition. I always try to make sure my eyebrows are perfect.


Maybelline: Any favorite products from Maybelline?

Dunn: I’m really into Color Sensational lipsticks. I like to mix Nude Lust and Storm Sahara to create the perfect nude lip. And of course, Great Lash is my all-time favorite.

Maybelline: A lot of our models tell us that was the first makeup product they ever used.

Dunn: It was mine too!

Maybelline: One last question. Now that you’re a Maybelline spokesmodel, maybe you can speak what born with it means.

Dunn: (laughs) I can try. At least in my experience, everyone is born with a special quality. It makes us individual and uniquely beautiful. The secret to true beauty is channeling your inner It.

Maybelline: Ok, we lied. Now this is the last question. How do you channel it?

Dunn: (thinks on this for a moment) Some people say I do that in my modeling work. And maybe I do. But I really feel like I let my inner self out when working on my cooking show or volunteering with the Sickle Cell Disease Association for America. It’s about channeling passion. That’s when your true beauty can really shine through.



Go graphic and line your eyes like Jourdan Dunn. All you need is Maybelline’s Master Precise Curvy.

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The Verdict

Jourdan in brights? Jourdan in nudes? Which do you prefer?

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